Precious Metals Sales Tucson

Precious Metals Sales Tucson

On June 24, the main ShPrecious Metals Sales Tucsonanghai gold contract AU1112 opened at 317.50 yuan/gram. After the opening, a double-opening multi-handed quotation of 337.27 yuan/gram suddenly appeared. The price of AU1112 was quickly pulled up to the daily limit, and then fell quickly. As of the close of the day, AU1112 closed at 316.82 yuan per gram, down 1.37%. The contract was traded 22780 lots throughout the day.

The fiscal cliff has improved slightly, improving market risk appetite. European and American stock markets rose across the board overnight, with the S&P 500 index recording its biggest two-day gain in a month. However, the international gold price has been unable to hold the 1700 psychological barrier, triggering investors to sell. After the breakdown of the 1680 key support, further speculative selling pressure was incurred.

Commerzbank said in its latest report on Tuesday that the current trend of gold is rarely independent. Although the trend is not as good as that of commodities and the stock market, it is roughly the same. Therefore, even if the results of the EU meeting on Wednesday are released, it will not cause too much fluctuation in gold prices.

JamesSteel: When I just graduated in the 1990s, I worked for another institution to research precious metals. At that time, the price of gold had been tepid, falling year by year. I once wondered if I was in the wrong line. But after I researched deeply, I have been bullish on gold for many years.

On September 18, 2014, the Gold Exchange established an international gold trading center in the free trade zone, the Gold International Board. As a major move in the internationalization strategy, it has launched new gold trading products and carried out business innovation. Today, the Gold Exchange is accelerating the establishment of gold renminbi pricing rules and systems, and has made considerable progress. It is now stepping up the technical development of gold renminbi pricing trading platforms and mechanisms, improving pricing trading rules, stepping up compliance review and domestic Solicit opinions and suggestions from related institutions and market professionals. After the final complete plan and rules are formally approved by the People's Bank of China, the Gold Exchange will actively promote the global market.

From a graphical point of view, Qin Yunlong analyzed that the price oPrecious Metals Sales Tucsonf Shanghai gold fell slightly last week, breaking below the daily-level moving average system, indicating that the short-term upward pressure is greater. From the perspective of the medium-term trend, the fluctuation range of the gold price has been shrinking since September, that is, the high point is continuously decreasing, and the low point is constantly rising. It belongs to a more standard relay triangle pattern. Generally speaking, this pattern will continue the previous trend. , And the price of gold in the early period is rising, so the price of gold in the later period should choose to break upward. At present, the price of gold is within the triangle area. If it breaks upward, you can enter the market and do more. If it falls and breaks the upward trend line, it indicates that the price of gold is likely to have a top pattern and turn downward.

FX168 Financial Group foreign exchange and gold analyst Chen Shi said that the unemployment rate in the United States in September was the lowest since January 2009, and the number of non-agricultural employment in August was revised up by nearly 50%. It shows that the state of the US labor market is significantly optimistic than investors' previous expectations, thus stimulating market risk appetite. However, it seems that it is too early to assert that the US job market will continue to improve. Due to the impact of the fiscal cliff at the end of the year, investors should still pay close attention to the performance of US employment data.

Enticed by high profits, Shenzhen investor Zhu invested 2.82 million yuan for electronic disk transactions. Unexpectedly, 34 days later, she suffered a huge loss of 1.02 million yuan. In addition to 400,000 yuan of high handling fees, she lost a total of 1.42 million yuan. yuan. Experts remind that investors in gambling transactions basically have no chance of making money.

In April, silver fell for only 5 days during the 21 trading days. The New York Stock Exchange increased the margin ratio of silver five times during the rise to only about 8.6%, while the bank raised the initial margin to 30% even after the limit fell. Can such retail investors not blow up their positions and cause more kills? Especially gold. After the end of March, gold rose by 10% and then pulled back to the present. It has also risen by 5%, and it has not fallen!