Precious metal price calculator

Precious metal price calculator

In addition, traders said that the surge in the US stock market and crude oil market that day also affected the trend of gold to a certain exPrecious metal price calculatortent. The three major stock indexes in the New York market rebounded sharply that day, setting the biggest gain in the next month. New York crude oil prices rose by 1.27 US dollars to 104.2 US dollars per barrel.

However, the primary concern for investment should be the investment method that suits you, rather than determining investment tools based on investment income. Because many trading investment tools have leverage and are a zero-sum game from a certain perspective, investors are required to have a strong risk tolerance and high investment skills, and have two-way trading rules, not ordinary investors Investors who can master it and are accustomed to unilateral thinking are also difficult to adapt to the ever-changing market, so the risk is great, and there may even be a liquidation.

On that day, the price of silver futures for December delivery fell 92.6 cents to close at $32.743 per ounce, a decline of 2.75%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in January 2013 fell by US$27 to close at US$1632.3 per ounce, a decrease of 1.63%.

On Tuesday (September 20) in the Asia-Pacific session, international spot gold rebounded. After Standard and Poors downgraded Italy's long-term and short-term sovereign credit ratings by one level and placed the rating outlook on negative observations, the momentum for risk aversion increased.

Xinhuanet, Chicago, December 15th (Reporter Li Mi) Due to market concerns that the European debt crisis has accelerated and the price of gold fell below an important psychological threshold in the previous trading day, the price of gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange was the fourth consecutive trading day on the 15th. Down. Among them, the most actively traded February contract fell 9.7 US dollars per ounce to close at 1577.2 US dollars, a decrease of 0.6%.

A number of banks released semi-annual reports showing that precious metal sales experienced a blowout in the first half of the year. Take the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China as an example. As of the end of June, the bank's precious metal business transaction volume has exceeded 85,000 tons, which is equivalent to 3.5 times the transaction volume in 2010. The total number of precious metal customers exceeds 3.7 million, and the customer base is rapidly expanding. In the first half of the year, ABC's precious metal sales business increased by more than 100%. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank also stated that since it started its personal precious metals business on behalf of the gold exchange this year, the single-day trading volume has been 2.4 times that of the entire year of last year since the beginning ofPrecious metal price calculator the year.

From the subprime mortgage crisis in the summer of 2007 to today’s European and American sovereign debt crisis, the global financial market has experienced a process of gradual rupture of the individual-institution-national debt chain. In this process, the credit crisis is transmitted from the individual level to the institutional level. It is further transmitted to the national level, which has caused all investors to question credit assets. As the only non-credit asset in all financial asset categories, gold is extremely sought after by funds.