Precious metals market and coinage

Precious metals market and coinage

The gold price, which rose continuously yesterday, finally fell, but this is a short-term oscillating consolidation. Although the U.S. market gold futures ended its 11-day streak on Tuesday, it still set a record high during the intraday session. The fundamentals in many aspects have not changed in the near term. Therefore, the medium and short term can still be bullish. Shen Bo, an analyst at Dayou Futures, believes that since the 2008 financial crisis, financial market turmoil and slowing economic growth have led to risk aversion as the main factor driving the rise of gold. In order to stimulate economic recovery after the crisis, major global economies accelerated the pace of currency oversupply, and global inflation stimulated the demand for value preservation of gold. Under the current situation that the European and American debt bureaus have not really been resolved, the recent fundamentals will not change much. Therefore, the fall in gold prices is only temporary, and it is expected to rise again afterPrecious metals market and coinage the correction. But the short-term will fall into a sideways trade. Shen Bo suggested that investors should not blindly chase high at the moment, and should lighten their positions if they make more profits.

Catherine also believes that the current valuations of many Asian securities markets, including India, Indonesia, etc., are relatively attractive. Although it is difficult to say whether they have reached the bottom, the investment value has fully emerged and the stock market will perform better in the next 12 months.

The best way for an institution to be a buyer of call options to make money is to hold the gold price above $1,740. For the previous gold price, this price was quite high; with a buy order, when the option expires and settles, then it doesn't matter what the gold price is, so many orders are closed out. According to analysis by industry experts, the large volume of orders has led to programmatic follow-ups and other panic selling.

Recently, ICBC Jiangsu Branch's first gold leasing business under the agency sales model successfully achieved a 504 kg gold withdrawal. The successful establishment of this business is the bank's beneficial exploration of the gold leasing business under the agency sales model, and it provides a brand-new way and expansion model for the development of the bank's precious metals business.

There was a fierce Israeli-Palestinian conflict in October last year. I wanted to open the market early the next day, but found out that the company’s platform opened more than an hour late. Xiao Liu is still very regretful about it now. It turns out that although this company belongs to the Hong Kong gold and silver trading market, it is not qualified to trade on the London gold market according to the rating (only companies with business status of A or C level can operate London gold/silver qualifications).

In a sense, rising profits may release positive news, indicating that investors are beginning to bet: they believe that the US economy will not enter a deflationary spiral. But on the other hand, the U.S. economy is still fragile. A sharp rise in interest rates may Precious metals market and coinageinterrupt the recovery process, because it may make it more difficult for companies to borrow money and make it difficult for consumers to apply for refinancing mortgage loans.

The global central bank's flood of water into the market has driven gold prices to record consecutive successes, but the recent central bank's loose policies did not cause the expected high inflation, so gold prices did not benefit from it. The price of gold has not received much support from the loose monetary policy. Recently, the Federal Reserve (Fde) has expressed its clear intention to tighten easing. The high morale of the US dollar has hit gold prices hard.