Precious Metals Trading Company-El Segundo, CA

Precious Metals Trading Company-El Segundo, CA

In this cooperation, api3 and allianceblock will deploy an airnode for Precious Metals Trading Company-El Segundo, CAenterprise API, and explore other enterprise deployment scenarios in the future. At the same time,

The voting will end on November 11. If the vote is passed, the upgrade agreement will be deployed to the main network on November 25. The functions of this upgrade include Zrx mortgage and the ability to collect network liquidity from the X and other exchanges, including oasis of kybernetwork, uniswap and makerdao.

Peckshield, a blockchain security company, announced that it has officially completed the security audit service for the DFI project yam Finance (yam) 2.0 smart contract. Yam2.0 will migrate the yam1.0 contract system. Meanwhile, the coin users can map 1:1 to make necessary preparations for the online mining products. Prior to this, yam1.0 project service was stranded due to a single line of code vulnerability, resulting in the permanent lock-in of 750000 ycrv tokens in the governance contract, and the secondary market price of its project token yam dropped by more than 99% in a few minutes. Lianwen previously reported that in mid August, yamfinance announced plans to launch a token migration program in the next few weeks. After a successful migration, the plan rewards some token holders, but this needs to be approved by a vote.

Zengo proposes a new cross chain atomic exchange protocol, juggling swap. Zengo said the new solution is based on the original transaction protocol to allow for higher interoperability. Based on the unmanaged solution and the core technology of zengo's innovative private key solution, it can realize the point-to-point cross chain transaction function, and support blockchains such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Libra and tezos. At present, zengo has released the white paper and demonstration version of the new atomic exchange function.

The liquidity mining project sushiswap (sushi) announced that it would lock in 2 / 3 of the future sushi mining awards for six months to ease the increase of sushi circulation supply. At present, users can only see 1 / 3 of the mining reward on the asset information page.

According to coindesk, the side chain expansion scheme of Ethereum, maticnetworkmaticnetwork, is based on the plasma high throughput expansion scheme of Ethereum. With the improved plasma and POS based side chain, it brings great performance expansion for Ethereum. Maticnetwork is committed to addressing scalability and availability issues without compromising decentralization and existing developer communities and ecosystems. It allows real-time transfer and exchange of diPrecious Metals Trading Company-El Segundo, CAgital assets and cryptocurrency, enabling developers to design, implement and migrate DAPP based on platforms such as Ethereum. Focus on user experience. Maticmatic view more (matic) will provide a US $5 million token matic to the defi project through the new incubator fund, aiming to attract the Defa project to be established directly on its agreement. Matic has provided grants worth more than $1 million. Lianwen previously reported that in July, maticnetwork launched a large-scale Developer program,

The quantity of lock up ranks first in EOS ecology. The number of active users in 24 hours surpassed makerdao, curve, compound, etc.

Curve, a stable currency platform, launched the governance token CRV dividend plan, which allocates 50% of the transaction costs to vecrv token holders. It is a proposal implemented by community leaders to align incentives between liquidity providers and governance participants (vecrv holders). The fees charged will be used to purchase CRVs on the open market and distribute them to vecrv holders. At present, curve generates more than $15 million a year in transaction fees. Vecrv represents the CRV of voting trusteeship. In order to participate in governance, users need to put CRV token into voting contract and replace CRV with vecrv (voting trusteeship CRV).

The exchange, devorifi, announced that bitfinex, its token NEC holder, transferred 80% of its NEC token to a four-year linear unlocking smart contract, and announced that it had donated 9.4 million NEC tokens for community and reward activities. Bitfinex said, "we intend to work with the diversifi team on various other initiatives to further distribute NEC tokens. Bitfinex has been and will always be a believer in concepts and systems. Previously, paraficapital and d1ventures have invested about $450000 in diversifi, and both plan to participate in necdao, the platform's management platform. The predecessor of diversifi, ethfinex, was split from bitfinex in 2019, and the trading platform re released its products and built its privacy layer at the beginning of this year.

Smart wallet argentargent is the most secure and simple way to access the next generation Internet, that is, the distributed network. With argent, you can easily manage your encrypted assets and identities without mnemonics, gas fees or long addresses. Argent's Ethereum based mobile wallet is fully distributed and highly secure. Argent looks at more online version 1.0, integrates multiple defi protocols in depth, and optimizes the approval process of the "Guardian" security module. For previous users, the smart contract of wallet needs to be upgraded to support these new features after upgrading to version 1.0. This version of the integrated defi protocol includes AAVE, compound, daisavingsrate, kyber, pooltogether, tokensets (Robo and social), uniswap. Apple's IOS version also adds the transaction function previously only supported in Android version, which is implemented by kyber. As previously reported by Lianwen, in March, argent completed a round of $12 million financing led by the crypto venture fund paradigm. Robert Leshner, founder of compound, and Index Ventures, an investment institution, participated in the investment. At present, argent's total financing amount has reached 16 million US dollars.