Precious Metals Mutual Fund

Precious Metals Mutual Fund

Buyers generally have three types of regret: regret not buying, regret buying small, regret buying less. The same is true for people who buy silver bars, but now I dare not buy them. When the silver price exceeded 9 yuan, Zhang Meng became scared. The price of silver has risen like the stock mPrecious Metals Mutual Fundarket. If it rises sharply, I can't stand it. So, in March of this year, she sold half of the spot in her hand.

Domestic commercial banks are becoming more and more interested in the income of intermediate services in the gold market. Recently, China Merchants Bank (600036, shares) announced the launch of investment services covering the gold industry chain. This is the year Industrial Bank (601166, shares) is testing the water for personal gold T+ After the D transaction, another bank took a big move in the gold market.

The drop in the price of gold for two consecutive trading days this week is mainly due to the suppression of profit settlement. As the International Monetary Fund lowered its economic growth forecasts for the United States and Japan, and Goldman Sachs successively issued reports that it was short on crude oil, the price of New York crude oil futures fell more than 6% in two trading days.

The sharp fall in the price of gold this round was mainly triggered by the rebound in the US dollar exchange rate, and the rebound in the US dollar exchange rate was affected by economic data released by the United States. On December 4, the United States announced that the number of non-agricultural employment in November fell by 11,000, which was much lower than the previously expected 100,000. It was the smallest monthly layoff figure in the past two years. At the same time, the unemployment rate was 10.2 from the 26-year high set in October. % Fell back to 10% for the first time, which inspired the market’s strong belief in the economic recovery beyond expectations, and to a certain extent rekindled concerns about the early US interest rate hike. Stimulated by these factors, the US dollar index rebounded from 74.80 the day before to 75.77, and then rebounded further to above 76 in the following days.

The Fed's meeting on interest rates is approaching again, and Bernanke's speech will once again become the focus of the market. Here, we cannot help but recall Bernanke’s testimony in Congress on May 22, in which two sentences have caused dramatic fluctuations in global markets. At 10 am local time on Wednesday, Bernanke said: Premature tightening will endanger the recovery. This sentence pushed the dollar to fall sharply and gold rose sharply. 30 minutes later, Bernanke said again: The Fed may start to slow down quantitative easing (QE) in the next few meetings. This sentence pushed up U.S. bond yields and the U.S. dollar, and gold plummeted. What are the contradictions in Bernanke's speech?

The golden bull market willPrecious Metals Mutual Fund face a severe test in 2013, and the development of the bull market will not rule out the possibility of setbacks and entering a mid-term dormant period. Zhang Tingbin, founder of the Zhonghua Yuan International Financial Think Tank, believes that although countries have frequently released positive monetary easing since last year, its role in promoting the market has gradually declined, and even declined when QE4 was launched in the United States.

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) analysts said that the Fed will not introduce stimulus policies at this meeting, but may take action at the September meeting. In this way, the Fed can observe the economic data in July and August, and will also pay attention to the development of the European situation.