When will the precious metals market close

When will the precious metals market close

When the U.S. dollar loses its stable value standard, people and the market When will the precious metals market closewill look for a new pin to avoid trading chaos. There are several options, but in the context of the in-depth development of the multi-polar world, the simplest is the most feasible, and the gold standard that is softly linked to credit banknotes is the simplest. It seamlessly connects with the current financial system and makes it easier Say, let the price of gold rise in place, and it will happen. This is why gold erupted.

At present, most of the bank interest rates in various countries are tight, and investment in silver may be curbed in the short term. If this round of silver price adjustments unfold, the short-term moving average may move down reasonably to the medium and long-term moving average, and the price may fall below the $40 support level. This situation is mainly due to shock preparations for future rises in silver prices. Wang Ruilei added.

"Commodity King" Rogers questioned Bernanke's knowledge of the economy and only knew how to print silver paper, betting that Bernanke would launch QE3 to buy more US debt. He bluntly said that if the United States prints a lot of money, it will not only push up asset prices and heat up inflation, but also trigger volatility in the foreign exchange market.It seems that the market will get better in the short-term, but it will only create more long-term problems and deepen the United States. The debt is muddy.

This week, the situation in Ukraine fell into chaos again. On Sunday, a large-scale anti-government operation was held in eastern Ukraine. The pro-Russian faction occupied the government building. Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkov, the industrial center of Donetsk and other cities were captured by the opposition and the Russian flag was raised. The opposition announced the establishment of the Donetsk Republic and is scheduled to hold a referendum on May 11. Last night, the Ukrainian authorities claimed that the government forces had regained control of the government building from the separatists.

On the same day, the price of silver futures for December delivery rose 12.4 cents to close at $34.109 per ounce, an increase of 0.36%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in January 2013 fell 16.8 US dollars to close at 1678.5 US dollars per ounce, a decrease of 0.99%.

Draghi said: Within its powers, the European Central Bank will safeguard the Eurozone at all costs. Believe me, the European Central Bank wiWhen will the precious metals market closell be enough to solve the problem. Considering that the high cost of financing sovereign debt has hindered the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, these issues are already within our scope of authority.

Relying on this slogan, every recommendation meeting will attract a group of retail investors. An agent based in Tiangui said that its charm lies in the lower handling fee and higher leverage of Tiangui. Compared with the gold exchange's 14/10000 fee, Tiangui is only 8/10000; secondly, the former is often 17%-20% margin trading corresponding to about 5 times the leverage ratio, which is much lower than Tiangui 8% The corresponding leverage is 12.5 times. This is tantamount to stimulating the gambling nature of gold investors. He said.

There is basically no specific investment technology in the book "Principles", but Dario's philosophy of life. Many people think this style is familiar, and it originated from the anecdote of Nixon's visit to China. It is said that Nixon was a little bewildered when he heard that we did not talk about the relationship between the two countries, but only talk about philosophy. He was so depressed that the abdominal manuscript he had practiced many times before he came was held back, and he was very depressed. He drank Moutai accidentally during the state banquet in the evening.