How big is the dental precious metal market

How big is the dental precious metal market

In addition, from the perspective of fund holdings, various types of precious metals have differentiated. Wu LiHow big is the dental precious metal marketng said that in the near future, long profits in the silver market have continued, and short positions have increased; in the gold market, there has been a period of short profits. ETFs are also reducing their positions in gold and silver, but the reduction in the silver market is even more pronounced.

QE3 seemed to disappoint investors who were bullish on gold in mid-August, because the so-called boosting gold bull market did not appear. Thanks to the expected help before the launch of QE3, gold recorded a wave of rising prices that lasted less than a month. After the National Day, it fell steadily. The New York Mercantile Exchange December delivery gold futures were in the Asian market on October 24. It even fell below $1,700 per ounce.

This trading day will announce the UK’s June retail price index, the UK’s June CPI, the German July’s ZEW economic prosperity index, the US’s June CPI, the US’s June industrial output, and the US’s July NAHB housing price index. The Reserve Bank of Australia will announce the minutes of its monetary policy meeting. The Bank of Canada will hold a monetary policy meeting and announce interest rate decisions. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke will make a semi-annual monetary policy report to Congress in the Senate Finance Committee.

Yesterday, the 2011 Jewelry Industry Technology Development Summit Forum was held at the Shenzhen Baofu Branch of the ICIF. Jewelry companies gathered to discuss how to improve productivity and promote industry standardization, and accelerate transformation and upgrading. The forum was hosted by the Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and the Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association.

MarexNorthAmericaLLC broker CarlosPerez-Santalla said on Wednesday that the European debt crisis has reappeared, which has stimulated people's risk aversion. At the same time, due to the escalation of conflict in Egypt, investors are gradually returning to the gold market.

Behind the global gold investment boom is the global gold investment boom. In recent years, the gold market has grown by 100% every year, and the global pHow big is the dental precious metal markethysical gold has also grown by 30% to 50% every year. The ten-year bull market of gold and the following five factors Related, the depreciation of currencies, the rise in commodity prices, the high enthusiasm for global investment in gold has led to the entry of funds, the outbreak of the credit crisis, and the expectation of gold in the reconstruction of the global financial system. In addition to the above-mentioned background, the long-standing enthusiasm of domestic residents for gold investment, the small gold reserves of residents and the narrow investment channels are all reasons for the emergence of gold investment boom. The most important thing is the public's re-understanding of the value of gold. . Zhang Bingnan, vice chairman of the Gold Association, said at the launching ceremony of the comprehensive marketing cooperation between Zhongxi Holdings and ICBC recently.

Q You Lin Zhongniao said that he also plans to have a wedding wine during May Day. The family originally wanted to buy some gold jewelry for the bride, but when the price of gold rose so sharply, I was a little confused. I didn't know whether to buy it quickly or wait and see. Lin Zhongniao said that after discussing with him, the family decided that if the price of gold continues to rise, they would choose relatively cheap gold bars, which feels more cost-effective than buying gold jewelry.

In addition to listed companies, institutional investors have also found real gold in gold mines. The reporter learned from Lion Fund (blog, Weibo) that the first domestic gold theme fund, Lion Gold Fund, was launched by Lion Fund at the beginning of this year. As of September 7, the fund’s cumulative net value growth rate reached 25.7%. Ranked first among all public fund products.