Affordable jewelry and precious metals

Affordable jewelry and precious metals

The Brazil World Cup opened early this morning, Beijing time. The first game was hosted by Brazil against the European powerhouse Croatia. The world’s major financial institutions made predictions about the winners of this World Cup. Goldman Sachs believes that Brazil has a 48.5% chance of winning this World Cup, followed by Argentina and Germany, with 14.1% and 11.4% chances of winning. Deutsche Bank predicts that the England team from the birthplace of modern football will eventually win the championship. As for the financial market trends during the World Cup, most institutions gave pessimistic forecasts. The main reason is that analysts wAffordable jewelry and precious metalsill spend a lot of energy watching the World Cup. The market predicts that the Hong Kong stock market will continue the World Cup curse, recording a decline during the one-month match.

In commodity futures, in the week ended March 12, hedge funds and other large investors increased their net long positions in 18 U.S. futures and options by 30% to 528,680 contracts, the largest increase since July last year and the week before. The four-year low set has rebounded significantly. Corn long positions rose 39%, cotton long positions hit the highest level since 2010, and gold long positions rose 9%.

It may not be able to complete self-rescue if the gold hedging into the vault is urgently opened. An investment bank's commodity trading director revealed. In fact, about 15% of the world's gold mines are losing money, but in order to satisfy investors' income, they can only sell the gold borrowed from vaults such as JP Morgan Chase, and then repurchase the gold at a low price in the future to return it to JP Morgan Chase and earn the price difference.

At present, offshore hedge funds cannot directly enter the domestic futures market. However, we expect that this restriction may be passed through QFII and will be relaxed soon. At the same time, we will continue to closely monitor the further development of this restriction. Huang Wenyao said that hedge funds are just one of many participants in the market. In addition to actively using long and short strategies, the market share of hedge funds is very low. Relatively speaking, the long-short strategy actively adopted by hedge funds helps to improve market efficiency and market flow.

International gold prices have jumped up and down, and emerging market central banks are still firmly expanding their gold reserves. Data released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the 28th showed that many central banks, including Russia, Thailand and Bolivia, increased their gold holdings in August. Analysts believe that the expansion of gold reserves shows that developing economies are keen to diversify investment beyond the traditional reserve currency.

In July 2009, a piece of news in the newspaper attracted Zhang Meng: the investment of silver bullion plus a handling fee of 0.6 yuan per gram is about 3.72 yuan. Each gram is more than one yuan cheaper than a silverware store, and you can save about 100 yuan with a pair of silver bracelets. Even if you don't use it for investment, it's good to get a silverware store to make jewelry. A week later,Affordable jewelry and precious metals Zhang Meng learned that the silver bar had risen to 3.77 yuan.

Last trading day (11th), the tension in Ukraine helped the precious metals rise slightly, but due to the better US economic data released later, the trend of suppressing precious metals fell from a high level. As of the closing time, both gold and silver gave up their intraday gains and finally received a doji. Data information shows that London Gold opened from US$1317.08 on Friday, with the highest being US$1323.59 and the lowest being US$1,13.98. It closed down by US$0.57 to US$1,318.13, a decrease of 0.04%. Spot silver followed the trend of gold, first rising and then falling. To the end of the US session, it was reported to be 19.99 US dollars, down 4 cents, or 0.2%.

But US fiscal officials expressed confidence in the dollar. US Treasury Secretary Geithner said before that the US dollar will remain the world's reserve currency for a long time, and the US government is very confident in this. On June 1, Geithner made a special visit and claimed that it would alleviate the government's concerns about the safety of US dollar assets, and the US dollar assets held are very safe.