World precious metals market

World precious metals market

As market concerns about the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone and the political situation in the Middle East have further intensified, investors’ buying interest in gold has been further boosted. In addition, the U.S. dollar has set a new 15-month low against the euro, bringing benefits to gold. (April 8) once again set a record high, while silver also set the highest level since thWorld precious metals markete beginning of 1980.

Fundamental demand is sufficient to support prices, and investment demand continues to rise; the pace of recovery in the United States has slowed, and the dollar continues to weaken; over-issued currencies determine future inflation expectations, and low interest rates will continue; major economic events directly reflect economic conditions, and in the short term Stimulus shows that the trend is difficult to change. It is indeed difficult to find a reason to be short on gold by taking an inventory of the major factors that affect the price of gold. Perhaps as some analysts have said: No investment product has a bull market that lasts for 10 years like gold. Perhaps this is a long bull. The trend is indeed strong and difficult to reverse.

Hedge fund manager Dennis Gartman made it clear that he regretted selling two-thirds of his position after the price of gold broke through the $1,900 level, but he has since made up half of his position. He emphasized holding gold in non-dollar currencies because these currencies have higher yields and are more stable.

The latest statistics released by the Gold Association on February 6 showed that the gold output in 2012 exceeded the 400-ton mark, reaching 403.047 tons, an increase of 42.090 tons over the previous year, an increase of 11.66%, and another record high, ranking first in the world for six consecutive years. .

On August 8, affected by Standard & Poor's announcement of downgrading the credit rating of the United States, the Asia-Pacific stock market generally suffered a heavy setback. The A-share market plunged 3.79%, and individual stocks showed a general decline. However, as the European and American debt crisis continues to ferment, the price of gold has soared all the way for the sake of risk aversion. Driven by the rise in commodity prices, gold stocks in the A-share market have become a major 30.55-0.55-1.77% highlight of GF Securities. Shandong Gold and Zhongjin Gold soared 6.51% and 5.13%, respectively. Zijin Mining became the only A AH stock that bucked the trend.

In addition, the better-than-expected US consumer confidence index released on the same day also contributed to thWorld precious metals markete gold price. According to a report jointly issued by the University of Michigan and Reuters on the 9th, benefiting from the continued signs of improvement in the job market, the final value of consumer confidence in the United States in November was 84.9, higher than 82.6 in October, and better than economists’ average expectations. 82.9, the highest level since July 2007.

Spot gold on Thursday (April 30) in Asian markets hovered at $1,205 per ounce in early trading. It gave up gains yesterday and closed down 0.63% to near the 1200 mark. Although the US GDP in the first quarter was disappointing, compared to dovish market expectations, the Fed's resolution statement was biased towards eagles. After the weak economic data in the first quarter, the market has speculated that the Fed will soften its interest rate hike stance, but the Fed’s April resolution is still reiterating its previous interest rate hike stance. It can be said that in the face of weak data, Yellen’s interest rate hike stance remains Do not move like a mountain (see the six highlights at the bottom of this article for details).

In 2001, Bai Zhao started to do soybean futures. On the first day after May Day that year, like a gambler, he chose full positions and short positions. Soon, he found out that he had done the opposite. Before that, he had earned more than 100,000 yuan at a cost of 50,000 yuan, but this time, he continued to carry to the third daily limit until he was forcibly liquidated, and the 100,000 yuan disappeared without a trace.