Is a good career path for precious metals

Is a good career path for precious metals

Nestnestnestnest aims to build a network of price fact predictors. The DAPP intelligent contract interactive tool based on this protocol can participate in the mining of nest by using the quotation mining system, develop the defi products based on the nest price, and easily deploy, manage and operate nestdefi contracts Its version 1.0 mainly includes nesttoken contract, nest pool contract and nest dividend contract. Nest price, the core of version 2.0, is a Oracle system based on Ethereum network, which realizes the distributed quotation of price in tIs a good career path for precious metalshe chain in the form of. Nest price defines and implements a new mechanism to generate chain facts on the blockchain network. It uses the market game theory to produce the price facts of the off chain market synchronously on the chain through the way of miners' quotation, and combines with the mining mechanism of nest quotation to motivate the miners, so as to make it become a set of distributed quotation system with logic closed loop, which perfectly generates the off chain price events on the chain synchronously, forming nest price. Nest price quotation system is mainly composed of four core parts: Quotation generation module, quotation purchase module, quotation fund management module and chain price generation module. Nestnestnestnest view more announced the postponement of nest3.0 launch to July 13-15. The reason for the delay is the adjustment of ntoken system. The specific adjustment contents are as follows: 1. The economic model of ntoken Oracle system is adjusted from the right of use model to the right of return model; 2. The charging rules of ntoken Oracle Calling: every time the price data of ntoken Oracle is called, the caller needs to pay eth fee to ntoken system; 3

The first issue of okexjumpstart pledge mining will start at 17:00 on September 10. Okb holders can pledge okb to dig for new tokens in return. The revenue obtained from the first phase of pledge mining is the ZrO agreement token obtained from participating in okexjumpstart pledge mining. The mining income of users can be calculated in real time and can be extracted at any time. The total amount of mining can be excavated is 15 million pieces, and the mining cycle is 14 days. Only okb in the fund account can be pledged, and the okb after pledge will be frozen and released at any time. Zyro is a protocol developed by the core members of the zilliqa community based on the zilliqa public chain. The zyro token is the governance token of the ZrO protocol. Users can participate in the future planning and fund management of the agreement through the zyro token.

Stakerdao, the defi governance service platform, announced that it will launch the wrapped algorand algorand Turing Award winner and MIT professor sivio Micali of MIT to raise funds for the development of algorand blockchain protocol. Algorand represents a direction of the development of the underlying technology of blockchain. Algorand is a variant of the POS mechanism of proof of rights. POS uses cryptography to randomly select participants who are responsible for adding the next block (or transaction) to the blockchain.

Defi loan agreement Lendf.Me Attacked by hackers, data from defipulse showed that lock up assets fell 57% in just a few hours. At present, the website has been unable to go online, and users have reported that they have been unable to extract assets. According to the data on the chain, hackers have snowballed multiple imbtc transactions, and each one has doubled the previous one. At present, the utilization rate of multiple funds on the platform has reached 99%, while that of imbtc is 100%.

Wingdao, the first cross chain defi platform integrating credit elements based on ontology, announced the 13th voting results of the community and agreed to launch the first credit lending product inclusivepool on wing. It is expected that the credit management system of the "credit chain" will be introduced to the end of October based on the user's credit evaluation system, which is based on the user's credit experience. The inclusivepool will continue wing's "loan, loan and guarantee" mechanism by setting up a lending pool, a loan in pool and a guarantee pool. The first batch of supporting assets include usdt, usdc and Dai.

It's likely to be a great choice. The main part of the puzzle is to allow higher transactions per second, which means using shards or lightning networks. This is perhaps the hardest part, and the most remote. Augurrepaugur view more announced that it plans to join margin loan agreement on AugusIs a good career path for precious metalst 2. Bzxbzxbzx is a protocol on Ethereum blockchain, which is designed to integrate the standard middleware of the X protocol and the exchange on the chain. Currently, on the main network, BZX allows short and leveraged trading on exchanges backed by x x and kyber. It includes an open base layer protocol that performs the basic functions of escrow and interest payment. The second layer of the agreement can be freely constructed to include many additional functions, such as ultra fast margin settlement and centralized lending. Different from any other solution, BZX protocol has a powerful high-speed margin settlement system in the second layer. BZX protocol has integrated six different x middleware. Bzxbzrx see more. Augur said BZX will trust the funds in the smart contract, using price information and margin call notice. The BZX team has developed a margin widget that can be directly linked to an exchange such as August, which will be available for August in the UI for a liquid scalar market, allowing traders to lend Dai or settle, and borrowers and borrowers can create orders on terms of their own choice.

Kava, a cross chain defi protocol, will be launched on gateway11k test network at 22:00 p.m. on October 12. The version test network is an exact replica of the main network. Kava verifiers will run and test their product settings at 22:00 on October 15 to ensure that the main network starts smoothly.

Recently, there have been frequent attacks by hackers using the compatibility problem between some Defa projects and erc-777. The slow fog security team found that the well-known pooltogether also uses the erc-777 standard. Please be vigilant, take corresponding protective measures, and timely check whether there are corresponding re-entry risks in the code. If necessary, you can contact the slow fog security team for assistance 。

Venture capital firm a16z announced it had raised $515 million for the second cryptocurrency fund. The fund focuses on the next generation of payments, more modern value storage, Finance (defi), new liquidity for creators and Web3. A16z said that in a short period of ten years, cryptocurrency has experienced several waves. With each wave, the application of cryptocurrency has expanded to more types, and more far sighted entrepreneurs have entered this field. "We believe that continuing to invest in the long-term development of the Internet is very important to meet the needs of the coming decades. According to previous reports, a16z was reported two weeks ago to raise $450 million for the second cryptocurrency fund. In mid-2018, a16z's first cryptocurrency fund raised $350 million.